Captivating water-efficient landscapes

This site features plants that do well in Mediterranean climates, naturally tolerating dry summers and winter rains.

Low Water Options

Succulents and cacti are great water-wise choices. Espaliered fruit trees work well in space constrained gardens. Winter rains provide most of the water needed for colorful spring bulbs.

Desert Beauty at the Springs Preserve

Desert plants at the Springs Preserve in Las Vegas

We just returned from a great trip to Las Vegas. We are not “strip people” though we did love the show “Le Reve” at the Wynn. For us, the highlights of the trip were the Red Rocks area, a quick visit to the Hoover Dam (and the nearby bypass bridge) and spending an afternoon at Continue Reading »

Al Fresco in Santa Cruz

Laili Restaurant patio

I’m always on the lookout for nice restaurants with outdoor dining areas. Laili in Santa Cruz is a new find. Laili is located in the historic downtown area of Santa Cruz. The menu is described a featuring Silk Road dishes. My husband and I enjoyed kabobs served with an arugula salad, rice and three chutneys. Continue Reading »

Succulents, Annuals and a Ladybug

Pot with succulents and annuals with a ladybug

A fan aloe serves as the central planting for this pot. It is surrounded by zinnias, marigolds and some volunteer alyssum. The succulents that are tucked between the annuals include small aeonium pinwheel rosettes, bright green lemon ball sedum and some transplanted echiveria that had overgrown another pot. The mixture has done well aside from the zinnias. Continue Reading »