Captivating water-efficient landscapes

This site features plants that do well in Mediterranean climates, naturally tolerating dry summers and winter rains.

Low Water Options

Succulents and cacti are great water-wise choices. Espaliered fruit trees work well in space constrained gardens. Winter rains provide most of the water needed for colorful spring bulbs.

Succulent Wall Garden Project

Succulent Wall Garden

I love this succulent wall garden that was created by my friends Kaye and Jim who live in Hermosa Beach. The red tinged echeveria pop against a background that is composed of a collection of bright green sedum. The blue gray succulents are also echeveria. The arrangement includes some cuttings from purple aeonium and a very Continue Reading »

Alaska Spring

Alaska Iris

The Iris Sentosa variety pictured above is found throughout Alaska. We saw it last week on hikes, in cultivated garden spaces and  at the Alaska Botanic Garden. This member of the Iradacea family appears to be a close relative of our California native Douglas Iris. I’ve enjoyed spring three times this year. Spring comes early where Continue Reading »

Sago Palm – Zojo-ji Temple

Sago Palms at Zojo-Ji Temple in Minato, Tokyo

When I was in Tokyo last week, my boss introduced me to a lovely temple adjacent to our hotel and next to Tokyo Tower. The temple gardens are basic but this cluster of Sago Palms is exceptional. There are some lovely sculptures and historically significant buildings. Sightlines to Tokyo Tower provide contrast between old and Continue Reading »