Captivating water-efficient landscapes

This site features plants that do well in Mediterranean climates, naturally tolerating dry summers and winter rains.

Low Water Options

Succulents and cacti are great water-wise choices. Espaliered fruit trees work well in space constrained gardens. Winter rains provide most of the water needed for colorful spring bulbs.

Blooming Desert Rose

Blooming adenium obesum

Our desert rose (adenium obesum) was blooming when we brought it home a couple of years ago as a houseplant. It is a succulent that comes from Africa. We fell in love with the bloom and the plant’s bulbous trunk. After giving up as a houseplant six months ago, my husband put the nearly dead Continue Reading »

Cherry Blossoms at Filoli

Filoli Spring Cherry Blossoms

Every visit to Filoli offers an opportunity for a fresh discovery. Early in March, fruit trees are in bloom, the daffodils are out in the meadow and tulips are opening. Spring comes early in Northern California. This year, we’ve appreciated recent rains and enjoyed the lush green that has come with it.   Happy pre-spring! Continue Reading »

CorTen Planters

CorTen used in succulent garden

In the image above, the greenery of the succulent garden at the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens is made more vivid by the juxtaposition with red lava mulch and dramatic CorTen garden walls. The modern architectural element provided by the use of CorTen planters both unifies and separates plant groupings. Artists effectively use complimentary colors (colors Continue Reading »