A mixture of shapes on either side of a low wallPlantings either side of a low wall provide interest in this Mountain View, California garden.

This home underwent a massive face lift to the facade. New landscaping completes the look. A mixture of shapes is used to great effect. The low ground cover in front is dymondia. The sword shapes of the adjacent New Zealand flax serves as a counterpoint. Mediterranean spurge peaks over the wall to complete the look.

Image of wall garden with succulentsA wall garden in Hermosa Beach, California evokes a coral reef environment.

Echiveria, aeonium and other succulents are used in this outdoor patio feature wall. The firesticks take on coral forms. Even if the shells hadn’t ben added, the scene would transport the viewer to an underwater world. The wall covers an area that is approximately 10′ x 10′. Located steps from the beach, the wall provides significant visual impact in a small space.

Eclectic gardin in EncinatasAn eclectic garden provides visual impact in the front garden of this Encinatas, California home.

Low ground level plantings under the trees and palms include succulents and clumping ornamental grasses. A tall palm, spiky yucca and low sago palm serve as focal points on either side of the curving brick pathway. The tall and formally sculpted bush is an unexpected element that works well. Variety in folliage color and form is used to excellent effect.

Succulent coastal gardenA mixture of colors and textures provides interest in this coastal garden in Cambria, California.

Dark purple aeonemes provide a striking focal point. Bright yellow-green echeveria lend dramatic contrast. The spikes of the aloe and agave act as counterpoints to the curved forms. A mixture of of succulent ground covers pull it all together in a garden that requires very little maintenance.

Agave rock gardenRepetitive use of architcturally interesting agaves are the focus of this Singapore gardenscape.

The agaves are combined with with a bed of smooth river rocks and a large boulder focal point for a stunning overall effect. Total annual rainfall in Singapore is ample yet there is seasonal pressure on water supplies due to the high population density. As a result, careful attention is paid to water management in Singapore.

Symmetrical low water garden A symetrical layout creates a formal flow at the entrance to this home in Menlo Park, California.

The plant selections here are often seen in very informal settings. The arrangement here offers a graceful statement with dynamic energy coming from the contrasting forms. Ongoing maintenance levels are low. Colorful foliage and seasonal flowers create a changing look through the year.

Spanish style garden with yuccaYuccas are featured in this Palo Alto, California Garden.

The yuccas offer a perfect compliment to the style of the lovely spanish colonial home. The floral underplanting softens the overall feel of the garden. The flowers change seasonally.  The California poppies seen here provide color, continue to reflect the garden’s mission roots and lighten the mood.

Olive tree borderOlive treas anchor this street side garden in San Mateo, California.

The garden wall offers privacy and a sense of enclosure for the front garden. The olives soften the expanse of the garden wall which would have seemed unwelcoming otherwise. The border remains very water efficient with it’s use of garden rocks mixed with clumps of ground cover.

Agave BorderA spring blooming agave street-side border creates immediate visual interest in this Los Altos, California garden.

This front garden does have a grass lawn but the space devoted to it is minimized. The repetition of the agaves here is dramatic. It is easy to see why these agaves are knows by the common name of “fire poker agave”. They succulents can also effectively used in combination with other low water plants.

Succulent rock gardenSucculents and stonework lend a rustic feel to this garden entrance along the Pacific Ocean in Half Moon Bay, California.

The design includes a wide variety of succulents including agaves and blue chalk stick ice plants. The hewn stones form a low garden wall and create the integrated containers that support succulents that spill over the rockwork. The mix of colors adds further interest to the eclectic composition.