Plant Feature: Ornamental Berries

Heavenly Bamboo

Genus: Nandana

While this is not an actually bamboo, it is an extremely versatile plant. Heavenly bamboo is hardy in a variety of conditions and can be used in a range of landscape design situations. The plant offers seasonal color along with bright red berries and small white flowers. The plant self propagates in some areas. The foliage changes color seasonally. The berries and foliage and are long-lasting in cut arrangements. The flowers, however, drop once cut.

Strawberry Tree

Genus: Arbutus Unedo

This small tree can be grown as a shrub or a multi-trunked tree. The Strawberry Tree which is sometimes called a cane apple, features small flowers and orange-red fruit. The tree retains a nice compact form with minimal pruning. These trees do well with only occasional watering once established. They do prefer a well draining soil. The tree is evergreen and has interesting bark which takes on a peeling effect. Strawberry trees attract birds.