Plant Feature: Ornamental Seeds


Genus: Cleome Hasslerana

This flowering annual is also known as a “Spider Plant”. Stunning blooms appear on tall spikes in clusters that reach 3-4′ in height and serve as dramatic garden focal points. Pink varieties include various shades from light tones to dark. As individual flower clusters fade long seed pods serve to add further garden interest. Attractive foliage features grouped leaflets. Grows well in partial or full sun. Occasional volunteers from will emerge in planted beds.

Fountain Grass

Genus: Pennisetum

This ornamental grass grows in clumps with delicate feathery fronds that pick up the light. The seed heads are a creamy rose color. Fountain grass makes a nice accent but does need to be periodically cut back when overgrown or top-heavy. Works well in a range of garden designs including simple modern plantscapes. The grass will self sow and clumps can be divided.


Genus: Cercis Occidentalis

This small deciduous trees or large shrub is noted for its profusion of attractive pink spring flowers. Leafing takes place after flowering. The stems for new growth are deep red and branching takes on appealing forms. The California redbud is characterized by magenta seed pods in the summer and fall color. Redbuds are drought tolerant but can also do well near stream beds.