Savings Possible

80% of the water used in a typical suburban home is consumed by outdoor landscaping. More than half of this goes to thirsty lawns. Dramatic water savings can be achieved through efficient yet beautiful landscaping. Thoughtful design, plant selection and care can significantly reduce the typical daily water use of 400 gallons by 150 to 250 gallons a day.*

Available Incentives

Many communities have called for conservation and some offer very attractive financial incentives to homeowners who replace lawns with water-wise alternatives and upgrade to efficient watering systems. Check with your local water district for specifics.

Environmental Sensitivity

Many of us are interested in reducing our environmental footprint. In California there is a strong imperative to treat our water resources with care given our seasonally dry climate and the intense pressure on the Sacramento Delta ecosystem. Increasingly there is competition between urban and farm communities for constrained water supplies. The situation is becoming more challenging with population growth, tight public-sector funding and aging infrastructure.

Enhanced Beauty

With effective design planning, a low water garden can more aesthetically appealing than typical landscaping. A beautiful garden enhances the value of your home and gives you something to smile about when you return at the end of a long day.


*Typical water use estimates from the Santa Clara Valley Water District