Blooming adenium obesum

Blooming Desert Rose

Our desert rose (adenium obesum) was blooming when we brought it home a couple of years ago as a houseplant. It is a succulent that comes from Africa. We fell in love with the bloom and the plant’s bulbous trunk.

adenium obesum bloomAfter giving up as a houseplant six months ago, my husband put the nearly dead desert rose out on the patio table. It appreciated having more air circulation and less attention. And now it’s blooming! The blooms are really hanging in there too. The first one surprised us in June. Two months later the lower cluster is in bloom.

In our mild climate, we’ll bring the plant indoors during cold winter weeks. Other than that, it will stay out on the patio. Our desert rose is about 10″ tall. We have it in a bonsai pot and anticipate that it will stay pretty small with pruning. In Africa, they can reach the size of a small tree. We’ll see how we do.

As an aside maybe you remember the Sting song “Desert Rose” …

I dream of rain

I dream of gardens in the desert sand

I wake in pain

I dream of love as time runs through my hand

The song became a big hit after it was used in a Jaguar commercial years ago. I don’t think Sting was referring to a car in the song but it conveys a strong sense of longing … for love … for a flower? Here is the song from the Grammy Arards Show in 2000:


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