Combining calandrina and yucca

Combining Calandrina and Yucca

The sword-like shapes of the yucca in this large planter create a great backdrop for the delicate blooms and soft leaf shape of the calandrina. Calandrina are originally from Chile. I spotted this combination in San Francisco near Yerba Buena.

Calandrina are succulents that look great with almost zero maintenance. This makes them perfect for a public space planting like this one or a water-wise home garden. Calandrina can take full sun or partial shade. The plants themselves will manage in shady areas but they won’t bloom.

The blooms open during the day and close at night. The individual flowers only last for a short time but the overall blooming season is long (starting in May and continuing into the fall). Spent flowers don’t require deadheading to keep up the appearance of the plant.

Now that I’ve fallen in love with calandrina, I’m seeing the plant everywhere. It isn’t surprise that these amazing succulents are winning hearts.



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