Flower Color: Light Blue

Blue Star Creeper

Genus: Isotoma Fluviatilis

This perennial flowering ground cover tolerates moderate foot traffic and can serve as a lawn replacement. It is particularly attractive between paving stones and planted in drifts. Blue star creeper’s delicate blue flowers bloom repeatedly over a long season and are most abundant where sun is ample though the plants tolerate shade. Water needs are modest once established though blue star creeper is not suitable for the most severe dessert locations.

Ground Morning Glory

Genus: Convolvolus Mauritanicus

This very hardy ground cover is suitable for sun or partial shade. The attractive vibrant blooms appear repeatedly through the season and the small-leafed evergreen foliage retains a neat vibrant green appearance. Propagation can be obtained through cuttings. It can be used as a filler in perennial beds and as a ground cover for more expansive areas. It’s cascading effect make it particularly suitable for rock gardens and hanging pots.


Genus: Rosmarinus Officinalis

Rosemary is an exceptional performer in a wide range situations. As an evergreen ground cover or shrub, rosemary is attractive throughout the year. The plant attracts bees, is fragrant and a valued herb. Minimal care is needed even in drought situations. Light pruning is helps rosemary retain a compact and attractive form. As a ground cover, rosemary can be used in expansive areas while mixing well with accent plantings.